Irina Anyyukhina and Elena Chershintseva prepared an article for the international review of antidiscrimination laws

December, 2023 - Moscow, Russia

Irina Anyukhina, ALRUD Labour Practice Partner, and Elena Chershintseva, ALRUD Labour Practice Senior Associate, PhD in Law, participated in preparation of the international review of antidiscrimination laws organized by Lewis Silkin LLP. Their report ”Review of Russian anti-age discrimination law” was published on the AGEDISCRIMINATION.INFO information portal.

The experts described how the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and other federal laws provide certain age differentiation in labour conditions, restrictions, and preferences basing on the performance requirements and labour conditions.

The following issues were also covered:

  • To whom the legislative requirements apply?

  • What legal remedies exist?

  • How common are the claims in this regard?

  • What claims are most common and what issues prove to be most problematic for the employers?

  • Does the legislation provide any particular exceptions?

  • Retirement age

Full text is available on the portal website.