Dinsmore Advises Somera Private Equity in Major Acquisition of Ty-Gard and Shock-Gard

April, 2024 - Louisville, Kentucky

A team of Dinsmore attorneys, led by corporate partner Christian Gonzalez, extend their congratulations to Somera Private Equity LLC (“Somera”) after finalizing acquisition of a majority stake in the underlying entities that develop and manufacture Ty-Gard® and Shock-Gard® products.

Through a new holding company vehicle, Gardian Holdings LLC, (“Gardian”) the company will bolster growth, continue innovative product development and maintain leading service to Gardian’s customer base, composed mainly of Fortune-500 companies.

“Dinsmore was honored to support Somera and its principals through its acquisition of Gardian,” said Dinsmore managing partner Joshua Lorentz. “This deal will present great opportunities for Somera, and the Firm looks forward to continuing to partner with Somera on the execution of this successful transaction.”

Somera Private Equity is a Los Angeles-based private equity firm focused on partnering with entrepreneurs, founders, and management teams to preserve unique competitive advantages and unlock asymmetric growth potential.

Newly formed Gardian provides patented cargo securement products through its Ty-Gard® and Shock-Gard® brands. Ty-Gard® is a flexible restraint system developed to prevent damage for multimodal transit as one of the only brand-approved systems to secure cargo across rail, ocean, and over-the-road trucking shipments. Shock-Gard® is a sustainable, fiber reinforced, RFID-enabled and expandable foamcore panel used to absorb shock and prevent damage within railcars and intermodal containers.