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North Carolina and South Carolina Issue Executive Orders Regarding COVID-19 

by Stephanie U. Eaton

Published: March, 2020

Submission: March, 2020


North Carolina

The Executive Order prohibits mass gatherings that bring together more than 50 persons in a single room or single space (including any indoor or outdoor space) at the same time. 

However, the prohibition against mass gatherings does not include airports, bus and train stations, medical facilities, shopping malls and centers, office environments, factories, grocery stores, and child care facilities. (Note: This provision uses the same language that previously was used in the North Carolina Executive Order issued on March 14 that banned mass gatherings of more than 100 people with the same exclusions from coverage).  

In addition, the North Carolina Executive Order specifically orders the following businesses to close at 5:00 pm. on Wednesday, March 25: 

  1. Entertainment facilities without a retail or dining component and

  2. Personal care and grooming businesses.

For additional information regarding North Carolina's COVID-19 resources, click here.

South Carolina

The South Carolina Executive Order directs law enforcement officers to prohibit and disperse any congregation or gathering of people, unless authorized or in their homes, in groups of three or more people.

The South Carolina Executive Order leaves the determination as to who should be dispersed in law enforcement's discretion should law enforcement determine that any such congregation poses, or could pose, a threat to public health.

Although the Executive Order does not reference whether or not businesses are covered by this Order, a press release issued at the same time quotes Governor McMaster saying, "It does not apply to private businesses nor to responsible South Carolinians continuing to make the best out of the situation. And, as I said, this is not a shelter-in-place order but another measure aimed at containing the virus by controlling crowds . . . ."

For additional information regarding South Carolina's COVID-19 resources, click here.

Please contact our COVID-19 Task Force with any questions.



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