Minimizing Legal Risks under COVID-19 - ALRUD’s Practical Guidance 

The global spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection has led to significant changes in social, political and economic processes in Russia and around the world. Government authorities are responding and introducing measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection to ensure sustainable economic development and support to citizens in the face of the pandemic.

At the same time, the initiation of restrictive measures has a number of economic and legal implications for commercial activities of organizations. In such circumstances, companies need to respond quickly to legislative changes and adapt their business-processes in accordance therewith, to minimize or completely eliminate the legal risks.

In this Guide ALRUD experts have analysed the key commercial, regulatory, tax, antitrust and labour risks and prepared practical recommendations that will assist company executives, heads of legal, financial and administrative departments to effectively manage these risks and build business processes under conditions of crisis.

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