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Steps to a Successful Venture Capital Financing Round 

by Yves Rocheleau, André Paquette

Published: July, 2021

Submission: July, 2021


An entrepreneur who invests time and energy raising the funds necessary to launch a startup, usually from family and friends (love money), will necessarily want their startup to grow exponentially. Achieving exponential growth requires always more capital, and so the entrepreneur will need to find additional sources of financing. One of these could be venture capital financing. For an entrepreneur, going this route may seem daunting, but if well prepared, it can also be a very wise choice. Here are the steps to take in order to succeed in a round of venture capital financing and get the most leverage out of this type of financing.

What is venture capital?

Venture capital is a non-guaranteed equity investment, made with an investment horizon of typically five to ten years, with a view to realizing an exponential gain and participating in the strategic decisions of the startup in which the capital is invested. Investors who provide venture capital do not undertake to play a passive role? Quite the opposite! Entrepreneurs who opt for such financing must be prepared to exchange ideas with investors and justify certain decisions they intend to make as managers. On the flip side, they? Ll also benefit from their investors? advice and networks.

Application for financial assistance

Once you? Ve grasped how venture capital works and resolved to resort to it, you? Re ready to launch a round of financing with one or more potential investors. Our advice: don? T wait until you really need the funds to take this step. As soon as your startup takes off, get into networking mode! Meet with dozens of investors and present your vision, team and business plan. Investors will be more interested in your vision, talent and the growth potential of your business than in its current results, and they will probably be as much interested in these aspects as they are in your business plan. And if things don? T immediately go your way, don? T give up! Often all it takes is for one investor to bet on you for others to follow.

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