German Zakharov spoke at the webinar "Managing Legal, Communication and GR Risks for International Business in Russia in 2022" 

July, 2022 - ALRUD Law Firm

On 7 July, experts from leading firms in law, communications and government relations respectively across Russia, ALRUD, EM and KESAREV held a webinar on 'Managing Legal, Communications and GR Risks for International Business in Russia in 2022'. The speakers were: German Zakharov, ALRUD Partner, Evgeny Roshkov, KESAREV Partner, and Denis Denisov, EM Partner.

During the webinar, experts shared their experience, considered the most relevant risks for foreign companies in Russia in 2022, provided practical solutions for business and specifically address the following topics:

  • How to mitigate the legal risks of external management and prosecution for executives
  • What could be done with the GR risks associated with business restructuring plans, including exit from the market
  • How to maintain a certain level of coverage in Russian media to support operations and at the same time to minimize local exposure in the public eye outside Russia

The guest speaker was Tadzio Schilling, CEO, Association of European Businesses (AEB), who presented current regulatory trends and the results of the AEB's annual survey 2022.



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