Top 10 Q&As on 2023 China Healthcare Anti-Corruption Initiatives 

August, 2023 - Yang (Aaron) Gu, Zhaojun (Sophie) Shi, Pengfei YOU, Duzhiyun ZHENG, Fengqi YU

Recently, China's healthcare industry has been subject to a rigorous inspection and rectification initiatives focusing on anti-corruption. These initiatives have attracted widespread attention in the industry, and we have received numerous media and customer inquiries regarding such issues. Based on our observations, this round of anti-corruption initiatives is not short-term with respect to its duration or effect, but is intended to be an in-dept rectification project lasting for at least one year with inspections and enforcement to be carried out in a more regular manner at a later stage. The direct goal of these anti-corruption initiatives is to purge some entrenched, corrupt unlawful activities in China's healthcare industry, and the vision is to lead the industry towards healthier development. In response to the industry's various concerns, and in order to help the industry better understand the regulatory spirit and requirements and to assist companies in reassessing and planning their compliance plans, this article summarizes for our readers the key takeaways of this round of anti-corruption initiatives into "10 Q&As". (Please find the Chinese version of the 10 Q&As at the following link: 《汉坤·观点 重磅:2023年医药反腐热点“十问十答”》. )


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