Top 10 Traps to Avoid: Navigating China's HGR Applications 

May, 2024 - Yang (Aaron) Gu, Pengfei YOU, Duzhiyun ZHENG, Matt ZHANG, Franky YU, Leyi WANG

In recent years, the regulatory framework for human genetic resources ("HGR") in China has become increasingly mature. Regulatory authorities have issued and updated a series of laws and regulations, including theRegulations on the Administration of Human Genetic Resources(the "HGR Regulations"), theImplementation Rules on the Administrative Regulations on Human Genetic Resources(the "Implementation Rules"), the corresponding administrative guidelines, as well as theAnswers for Frequently Asked Questions on Human Genetic Resource Administration.The regulatory system for HGR in China has been thereby established and refined (For our insights on the regulations of HGR in China, please refer to:Highlights on HGR Regulation Implementation Rules;Key Takeaways of the New HGR Guidelines;Key Takeaways on the New HGR FAQs issued by the MOST of China).


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