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Chairman's Objectives 2017-2018

It has been my honor to represent the Asia region on the board and executive committee for the past four years. And now, I am especially honored to be the Chairman of WSG for this coming year. I will do my best to follow in the steps of Larry Pascal and the other past Chairmen. Because of the work of those before me, the World Services Group is today a very strong and vibrant organization. I first joined WSG in 2005 and the first annual meeting I attended was in Mexico City in November 2005. WSG was still a very young organization then, but it was already impressive. Since then, it has grown and matured and become a truly significant organization with global impact. We have come a long way and the future is bright.

During my term as Chairman, I intend to focus on four main things. The first is recruitment. One of the biggest challenges facing the legal network industry is the transition from state based firms to a more regional approach by firms throughout North America. As a network, it is our intention to continue to develop our North American member recruitment using this approach to fill the openings in our membership. Additionally, Larry Pascal, Robert Falvey, and the staff have worked hard together with the Executive Committee, the Board and the Regional Councils to advance this approach for the region. While we have made great progress, we still need to do more. So, my first priority is to continue this effort to find members for key locations especially in North America.

The second thing I want to focus on is to continue the efforts to increase brand awareness, a focus that we have been pursuing the past few years. We all know how great we are; the challenge is to get this message to those outside of WSG. We have made great progress. WSG is a recognized player and is getting much better recognition as such, but these efforts need to continue to be a priority making this my second initiative.

My third priority is to develop a more client focused approach to business development opportunities for WSG members. Together with the staff, the board will devise suggestions on approaches to improve WSG’s presence with potential clients.

My fourth priority is to work on preparing a long-term stable future for WSG. While, the organization’s stability is firm, it is important to prepare a plan for the future. This is something that will take several years to develop, but it is important we started to focus on the importance of this issue to the organizations future.

This completes a brief summary of my objectives as Chairman over the next year. With all of these priorities, I will need your help. So, please if you have any thoughts about what we are doing right or what perhaps we should be doing differently, let me know. In particular, if you have any thoughts about possible candidates for markets where we do not currently have members please pass the details to me, Robert or Maricarmen.


WSG Mission

WSG is the globally recognized resource for professionals and their clients to receive the highest quality, value and service from legal, investment banking and accounting services. WSG provides members the ability to create new business opportunities and relationships to better serve their clients. WSG enables its members to be professionally competitive in a global multidisciplinary services environment.

WSG Vision

WSG is the leader in integrating legal, investment banking, and accounting services to better serve clients worldwide.

WSG Governance

WSG is governed by Bylaws which provide the framework needed for WSG operations and governance.


WSG's members are independent firms and are not affiliated in the joint practice of professional services. Each member exercises its own individual judgments on all client matters.

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