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The purpose of this Practice Group is to facilitate in the collaboration of Immigration issues. Members have the ability to correspond with other members, view current events in the group and/or industry events, start a discussion and share links and resources.

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Rachel Harvey

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Group Policies

  1. MISSION: To bring together and establish relations between practice specialists of WSG member firms.
  2. OPEN CHARACTER: WSG Practice Groups are open to all specialists in that field within WSG firms. Groups will be titled and represented with the WSG logo.
    1. The groups will have a group leader who will be established by WSG at the outset of the group. The group leader will be the main person of contact for the group and will act as a liaison with WSG regarding all policy recommendations, meeting/event coordination and any other group issues required. Rotation of the group leader should be discussed with WSG corporate headquarters. At the onset of a new group leader, any special policies defined by the group must be reconfirmed.
    2. Meeting and event date requests should be submitted to WSG corporate headquarters for review of the request in advance of the meeting up to 24 months or best estimation.
    3. Should the opportunity for a meeting arise at any moment, the group leader will discuss with WSG corporate headquarters the possible dates to avoid interference with already pre-existing commitments.
    4. Following the policy already defined in some Practice groups, there can be limitations to the number of representative from each Firm invited to attend in person group meetings/events to allow for multiple firm representations and smaller more effective gatherings.
    5. Meeting/event sponsorship for the practice group will be undertaken completely by the firm organizing the event.
    6. The WSG logo, name and image must be present at all events/projects undertaken by the group.
    7. WSG will necessarily deal with invitations and advertisement of all meetings and charge a registration fee of € 50 / USD 65 to assure brand image and equal assistance opportunities.