GC: In-House Technology – Latin America Edition

General Counsel Leaders in Latin America are Positive About Disruptive Technology in the Legal Sector

World Services Group (WSG), in partnership with The Legal 500's GC Magazine, recently published new survey results that provide insight on trending in-house legal sector technologies and how Latin American general counsel members are adapting to the changes. More >


1. Growing Up: The Rising Importance of Technology

Nearly all in-house counsel surveyed for this report were making use of technology in some way. And, many agreed there has been a significant advance into legal teams over the five years and this will continue. But when asked the question of how emerging technology is deployed, and where these advancements are taking the in-house team, opinions remain more nuanced. More >

Vergara discusses his experience implementing a wide range of technologies for the legal department at Scotiabank Chile and shares his thoughts on disruptive technology. More >

With legal tech’s potential to transform the legal industry, Carrasco uncovers what she believes the future holds for in-house counsel in Chile. More >

4. An Honest’s Day Work

While legal technology is transforming the business landscape for in-house counsel across Latin America and is laying the groundwork for an exciting future, GC discovered that it also gives rise to a host of new ethical and moral dilemmas. 18% of those surveyed said that implementing new technologies within their teams had raised ethical questions. More >

Urrego Hernández describes how Diageo Colombia is developing its legal IT muscle and shares his thoughts about why lawyers in Latin America need to open their minds – and their culture – to embrace technological change. More >

6. Data Analysis Part One: Size Matters

When it comes to implementing tech solutions for in-house legal teams, research shows that size, does indeed matter. 65% of those surveyed were from small legal teams, with the remaining 35% coming from larger teams. The attitudes, ability, budgets and use of technology of these two different groups had a number of notable differences. More >

Discusses his efforts in introducing technology to his legal team, the challenges of selling the value of legal tech investment to the businesses, and the ethical considerations that come into play when adopting new technology. More >

Dantas discusses how his department is currently implementing legal tech solutions, after more than a decade of testing and trying the latest solutions. More >

9. El Sendero DE La Innovacion

As an up-and-coming hub for innovation internationally, Mexico’s startup ecosystem is undergoing great change. GC talks to some of the actors about the journey so far, with a focus on what lies between Mexico and the realization of its entrepreneurial potential. More >

With technology underpinning much of the work the CIP does around the world, Guvener discusses how that has impacted legal. More >

11. Data Analysis Part Two: Funding the Future

Getting backing from the business is a crucial element for successfully implementing legal tech solutions, with a bigger budget as one of the strongest predictors of future behavior. Of the 62% respondents who had received an increased budget, 95% felt that their company was supportive of implementing new technology, compared to 73% who had not. More >

GC speaks to Castro and Morales to uncover the technology transformation taking place within the legal team of pharmaceutical giant Bayer. More >

Ovalle details the positive impact attitudes towards technology have at IBM and shares his thoughts on what Columbia needs to do to ensure a more technologically robust future. More >

14. Breaking Barriers: Adjusting to Change

Having an appetite for technological solutions is one thing, but it’s not the only thing. It is apparent that what is needed is leadership – within the team, from the wider business, or from trusted external partners. Only 35% said that they were satisfied with the use of technology by their external firms, despite 86% saying it was somewhat or very important to them that their law firms keep abreast of new technologies. More >

15. A Red Light for Red Tape?

Red tape is a common source of frustration for companies. But Brazilian entrepreneurs are actually exploiting red tape – and discovering an engine for a whole new legal ecosystem. All this means one thing for start-ups armed with the reams of paperwork and administration: opportunity. More >

Jarne shares his thoughts on the value technology can add to in-house counsel departments, but also where its limitations lie. More >

Ulian explains the importance of connectivity in tomorrow’s business world and discusses the practical implications for a profession in which everyone is increasingly linked to one another via advancing. More >