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Alien Social Integration Act of 2010 

by Juan C. Reyes, Jr.

Published: February, 2013

Submission: February, 2013


Pending consideration by the Congress is House Bill No. 3591, otherwise known as the “Alien Social Integration Act of 2010”, which aims to grant legal residency status to certain aliens in the Philippines under certain conditions. The proposed legislation covers all aliens whose stay in the Philippines is otherwise illegal under existing laws, and who have entered the country prior to 30 June 2000, excluding those who already availed in good faith the benefits of Executive Order No. 324 and Republic Act 7919 whose application has already been duly approved, are hereby granted legal residence status upon compliance with the provisions of the Act, and shall not be prosecuted for crimes defined under Commonwealth Act No. 613, otherwise known as the Immigration Act of 1940, which are inherent to illegal residence such as the absence of valid travel documents or visa; provided, that in no case shall alien refugees in the Philippines be qualified to apply under the Act.

The bar to prosecution shall apply only to such crimes or felonies committed due to acts necessary or essential to maintain a false, fraudulent or illegal residence, such as falsification of marriage, birth or baptismal certificates or travel documents such as visas or alien certificates of registration.

The benefits extended can be availed of within two years from the effectivity of the Act. Aliens granted legal residence under the Act shall be eligible to apply for naturalization after five years from the approval of their application.

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