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A Look at Panama’s Tax Reform
Morgan & Morgan, October 2011

Panama’s current administration began its tax reforms with Law 49 of September 17, 2009 (Law 49/2009), that was followed by Law 69 of November 6, 2009 (Law 69/2009), Law 8 of March 15, 2010 (Law 8/2010), Law 33 of June 30, 2010 (Law 33/2010), and finally Law 31 of April 5, 2011 (Law 31 / 2011). All were implemented through formal laws and complemented with subsequent reforms in related executive decrees...

A Look at the Compliance Measures Applicable to the Stock Market
Morgan & Morgan, March 2020

The stock market is undoubtedly one of the most important economic forces in the world. Every year, billions of dollars are moved through stock exchange operations, and year after year, in most jurisdictions, the stock market is promoted as a tool for financing or capturing capital for issuers and as an investment for thousands of participants seeking to place their funds in higher yield investments...

April 26: World Intellectual Property Day
Morgan & Morgan, April 2019

In the year 2000, the United Nations General Assembly designated April 26 as World Intellectual Property Day. The purpose of this is to highlight the role thatintellectual propertyrights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. Across the globe, and at the initiative of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), there is a campaign every year to attract public interest to issues related to Intellectual Property...

British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) VISTA Trust
Morgan & Morgan, February 2014

Although trust has always been regarded as one of the best succession vehicles, it has never been attractive for the succession of shares in companies because of a rule of English trust law, the “prudent man of business rule”. It was established in the case of Bartlett v Barclays Bank Trust Co Ltd [1980] 1 Ch 515 that it is the duty of a trustee to conduct the business of the trust with the same care as an ordinary prudent man of business would extend towards his own affairs...

BVI: Economic Substance Legislation
Morgan & Morgan, April 2019

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has passed legislation requiring certain legal entities carrying on relevant activities to demonstrate adequate economic substance in the BVI. The owners of any company or limited partnership registered or incorporated in the BVI should be aware of this legislation and consider how they may be affected. The Economic Substance (Companies and Limited Partnerships) Act, 2018 (the Act) came into force on January 1st, 2019...

Crowdfunding as a Source of Financing for Businesses
Morgan & Morgan, February 2019

  One of the biggest challenges that micro, small and medium enterprises face when trying to settle in and achieve success as profitable businesses is to obtain capital and sources of financing...

Cyprus Taxation: Major Recent Changes
Morgan & Morgan, June 2012

The Registrar of Companies (ROC) has introduced an annual government licence fee of €350. The government licence fee for 2011 was payable by 31 December 2011. From 2012 onwards the government licence fee will need to be paid by 30 June of that year.Companies which are dormant and/or do not own any assets are exempt from this licence fee...

Due Diligence: A challenge for the real estate sector of the Republic of Panama
Morgan & Morgan, June 2016

Growth of the real estate industry in Panama in recent years is noticeable, not just locally but at a regional level as well. Iconic architectural works such as the Trump Tower, F&F Tower (popularly called the “Screw”) among others, attracts positive criticism from different actors in the business and associations in the construction, development and promotion of the real estate business. In part, real estate growth in Panama is due to the ease in the execution of real estate transactions...

Effective in 2017, Panama Takes a Shot at Insolvency Reorganization Processes
Morgan & Morgan, January 2016

<table border="0" width="780" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p>To date, under Panama law (and ever since 1917<a name="_ftnref1"></a><a href="wsg_admin14...

Existing Regulation on Data Protection in Panama
Morgan & Morgan, October 2018

In the framework of a globalized world and social networks that are established as a measure of possible interest of economic, social and political groups, data protection regulations become more relevant...

Gender Quotas on Corporate Boards
Morgan & Morgan, August 2018

Last year Panama joined the list of countries that have established quotas as a mean for reducing the gender gap. Law 56 of 2017 creates a women quota of 30% on corporate boards of public entities and certain private entities. The Law was recently regulated through Executive Decree 241-A of 2018...

Importance of the Effective Collection of Real Mortgage Loan
Morgan & Morgan, November 2018

The loan agreement secured by mortgage is a legal and financial concept that has undoubtedly been a pillar of world economic progress. Hence, the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama in some of its judgments has given it its importance as part of the economic public order...

Investment Funds in Panama
Morgan & Morgan, June 2014

A. Legal Framework. In the Republic of Panama, the operation of investment funds and the securities market in general is regulated by Decree-Law No. 1 of 8 of July of 1999 (as amended to date, the “Securities Act”) and the regulations issued by the SSM (the “Regulations”). The government entity that is in charge of the regulation and supervision of the securities market in Panama is the Superintendency of the Securities Market (the “SSM”)...

Israel – Advantages of Israeli Underlying Companies
Morgan & Morgan, March 2012

Israel’s taxation system has undergone a major reform since 2003. The Income Tax Ordinance was revised as of 2003 pursuant to which an Israeli resident is taxed on worldwide income rather than the previous territorial tax system.  The Taxation of Trusts Law (the "Law"), effective as of January 1, 2006, while imposing taxes on Israeli residents with respect to trusts is advantageous to foreign residents. Israel is a major international business and financial center for non-residents...

Limited Partnerships in the BVI
Morgan & Morgan, June 2009

On 1st January 1997, the Partnership Act 1996 (the Act) came into force in the BVI. It features two types of partnerships, the Limited Partnership and the General Partnership. The Limited Partnership is the most common one. In the Act, the Limited Partnership is defined as partnership formed by two or more persons with one or more General Partners and one or more Limited Partners...

Maritime Labor Convention, 2006 and its Importance
Morgan & Morgan, March 2012

The Maritime Labor Convention of 2006 is an instrument that contains an approximate of 70 different provisions on labor-related matters in the maritime industry, which was approved by the International Labor Organization (ILO), in view of the absence of minimum standards that offered labor security and decent living conditions to the seafarers.  The Maritime Labor Convention is expected to take effect before the end of 2013...

Morgan & Morgan’s Pro Bono Commitment
Morgan & Morgan, May 2013

Battered women who fear for their safety, mothers unable to support their children, dysfunctional families in need. A reality for many women is the presence of domestic violence in their lives. This situation, although occurring in all social and economic levels, is much more obvious and has more serious consequences in low-income communities...

New immigration changes in Panama: SEM, Special Regularization Process and Aviation
Morgan & Morgan, June 2019

Executive Decree No. 238 of June 10, 2019 Requirements to apply for permanent residency for executives of Multinational Headquarters offices (“SEM” for its acronym in Spanish) As of June 11th, 2019, the requirements to apply for the Permanent Resident Permit for Executives of SEM companies who i) continue working at a SEM company, and ii) no longer work for a SEM company...

New Law Establishes a Legal Framework for the Comprehensive Approach to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Morgan & Morgan, September 2018

Law 40 has, among other, some provisions that affect the workplace, such as the following: Obligations and prohibitions for employers: Any discrimination and stigmatizing or segregating act is prohibited to the detriment of those affected, as well as against their relatives and friends. Every employer is obliged to implement practical ILO recommendations on STI and HIV, and must take all necessary measures to effectively protect the life and health of its affected workers...

New Maritime Legislation in Panama
Morgan & Morgan, June 2009

I. Background The need to amend the Panamanian maritime legislation, amongst others, came as an effort to incorporate long standing practices that had been developed but were not regulated in our national laws, to promote the registration of vessels in our registry by attracting new tonnage and rewarding both loyalty to the flag and compliance with safety standards of vessels already registered in Panama...

Offshore Financial Services in Belize
Morgan & Morgan, August 2012

Geography, History & Economy The country of Belize is located on the Caribbean coast of northern Central America. Bordered to the North by Mexico, South and West by Guatemala and East by the Caribbean Sea, Belize forms part of Central America and the Caribbean...

Offshore Trusts for Israeli Beneficiaries
Morgan & Morgan, August 2012

Under what condition will an offshore trust still fall within your government’s tax net?   Offshore trusts may be established and managed in many jurisdictions. In most countries personal taxation is based on residence. The question often asked is what the residency of an offshore trust established by a resident of a certain country is. In the case recently reported in Canada “Fundy settlement, Canada, 2012 SCC 14” (Tim Gestnick – The Globe and Mail Apr...

Panama and its Importance for the International Protection of Trademarks
Morgan & Morgan, October 2011

The Republic of Panama, using Law No. 35 of May 10, 1996 as a basis, continues making its best efforts to provide the highest possible protection to Intellectual Property, both in the territory of the Republic of Panama as well as also cooperating with the owners of intellectual property rights...

Panama as Center for International Arbitration in Latin America
Morgan & Morgan, October 2014

Motivated by the desire to optimize all matters concerning arbitration and to adapt our previous legislation to the principles set by the United Nations Commission of International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), the Panamanian National Assembly enacted the Law No. 131 of 31st December 2013 on National and International Commercial Arbitration (the “Arbitration Act”). A summary thereof follows. Scope This Act applies to arbitrations, both national and international, with seat within Panamanian territory...

Panama Creates a Beneficial Owner Registry
Morgan & Morgan, April 2020

By Law 129 of 17 March 2020 (hereinafter, the “Law”) the Republic of Panama established the regulatory framework for a restricted database named “Sistema Privado y Único de Registro de Beneficiarios Finales de Personas Jurídicas” (in English, Private and Unique System of Beneficial Owners of Legal Persons and hereinafter, the “Registry”) to collect certain basic information of the beneficial owner(s) of trusts and legal entities incorpora



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