GC: In-House Technology – North America Edition

World Services Group (WSG), in partnership with GC Magazine, recently published a new special report that provides survey results and insights on trending in-house legal sector technologies, and how North America general counsel members are utilizing these tools and solutions during these ever changing digital times. More >


1. Editor's Letter

With the goal of understanding how much lawyers have and continue to adapt to various technologies in these ever-changing times within the North America region, these survey results and perspectives from leading GCs and legal industry leaders convey a clear message: wake up to the power of legal tech. More >

2. Running to Stay Still: How North American Legal Teams are Using Technology

Drawing on a detailed survey of over 200 general and senior counsel working at a variety of companies across both the US and Canada including many of the global leaders in their sectors, our detailed survey results show that most all legal teams in North America are using more tech more is never enough. More >

3. Tech Tactics: The Case for Rethinking the Legal Function

For at least a decade now lawyers have talked up the impending transformation of their industry, with technology set to play the lead role in a new and better way of doing things. Survey results showed legal teams in North America are enthusiastic supporters of technology. Over half (51%) of those surveyed felt new technology would significantly enhance outcomes within... More >

Damian Olthoff discusses how legal tech is enabling rapid-growth businesses to redefine the purpose of a legal function.. More >

5. The State of Privacy: Does the US Need a Federal Privacy Law

With data privacy emerging as a key priority for the Biden administration, we ask what changes are in store, and what they mean for North America’s legal teams. More >

As chief privacy officer to the world’s largest independent provider of claims management to the risk management and insurance industry, Robert “Bob” Jett knows the importance of keeping customers’ data safe. More >

The global pandemic has made mental health a forefront concern around the world. For Alex Tovitz, GC of global virtual behavioral healthcare company AbleTo, it has helped show the value of legal tech in a new light. More >

8. The Tip of the Iceberg: Data Protection and Cyber Risk

GCs are central to any coherent cyber security strategy, but many feel their skills are overlooked. Results from our survey suggest recent high-profile cyber attacks are only the beginning of the story… More >

David Mace Roberts has been working to keep up with a constantly evolving cybersecurity and threat actor environment for many years. The most notable feature of a good cyber risk plan, he says, is that it looks unlike anything else on the market. More >

Going digital has always been a top priority of Olga Rodstein but finding the right tools has been more difficult. Now, she says, legal tech is finally ready to enter the mainstream. More >

Since 2013, biotech and pharmaceutical company Eleusis has been working to transform psychedelics into modern medicines. For general counsel Paul Slattery, the rise of legal tech has been a mindenhancing experience. More >

12. Held to Ransom

While the scale and severity of recent attacks has surprised many, the growing popularity of ransomware comes as no surprise to specialists in the field. With ransomware hitting the headlines, we ask what GCs can do to prepare for the inevitability of a cyber attack. More >

13. The Red Pill: How Legal Teams are Embracing the Freedom to be Replaced

Many fear what technology will do to their industry… until they try it. While 90% of respondents felt that technology had disrupted the legal profession over the last five years, and nearly all (97%) felt it would do so over the next five years. Over three quarters (76%) said this disruption was a positive outcome for the legal profession. More >

BCG’s Global Legal Program Manager Ashley Herring tells us about her unusual path into legal ops, and how data can transform the value of the legal function. More >

As general counsel of the world’s leading digital contracting platform Chris Young needs to walk the talk when it comes to legal tech. More >

The former General Counsel of the US Department of Commerce discusses challenges in privacy, artificial intelligence and information technology law. More >

17. Schrödinger’s Tech: Opening the box on law firms’ use of technology

Even with the best support, GCs can sometimes struggle to identify the right technology. Just over a third of respondents (38%) said they now looked to their firms for guidance when it came to finding or implementing legal technologies, while under a quarter (23%) reported having been advised by their firms on the use of... More >

As one of North America’s legal operations (legal ops) veterans, Richard Brzakala has seen big changes in the structure of corporate legal functions. More >