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Dear WSG Members,

The first quarter of 2020 has been an inexplicable one globally for firms, clients and families in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world this is an unprecedented time for everyone. We would like to offer our thoughts and support to all those who have to deal with the impacts of illness, contamination, disruption and economic challenges within their own organizations or among their relations.

During this challenging time, the safety of our team members, our clients and business partners, as well as that of their families and loved ones, remains our top priority. To protect the health of our staff, their families and that of our local community, our staff is now working remotely and will continue to offer services securely and uninterrupted.

World Services Group wants to assure you of our continued commitment to our members. While all in-person meetings have been postponed, we are witnessing digital and social media becoming an even stronger force of connectivity. For more than 15 years, WSG has worked incessantly to build a network that is a true solution integrating technology to link firms globally always in all ways. Never before has this been more important than now. WSG will continue to leverage our technology to bring together our leading members across the world to build real relationships to service clients, exchange knowledge and gain opportunities.

One example of combining our global presence with our technology platform can be seen in our launch of the WSG Global COVID-19 Task Force and Resource Center. This resource center brings together legal information from our member firms, promotes and offers webinar and audio opportunities and is the connection for a true Global Task Force. This task force identifies experts tracking local changing situations and makes them directly accessible to advise on the impact to your firm and your clients as needed. WSG uses its automated platform to merge firms' immediate responses during this unprecedented global situation. The WSG staff has been working with member professionals and their marketing departments and have many more developments to come over the coming weeks.

This is just one example of how WSG will offer multiple opportunities to continue to develop global relationships that offer client solutions and opportunities. If you have other suggestions on how we can harness the power of our global membership and utilize our technology platform, please let us know. As a valued member, we want to ensure that you will continue to receive the best service from our full team.

Digital connectivity has never been a stronger force. By immediately adapting our offering for firms' and clients' global needs, WSG has proven to be the source for global firms that will withstand any future.

A sincere thank you for your continued support from the entire WSG staff, and please stay safe and healthy.


Maricarmen Trujillo
World Services Group
J. Michael Bernard
World Services Group


Marketing Manager[email protected]

WSG's members are independent firms and are not affiliated in the joint practice of professional services. Each member exercises its own individual judgments on all client matters.

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