WSG member HEUKING has launched a new firm brand identity that includes an abbreviated firm name, streamlined logo and corresponding contemporary graphic updates across all brand assets. The new brand provides increased visibility and reflects the firms’ continued growth and strong market position. 

Dr. Andreas Urban, Managing Partner at Heuking, provides further details on the new brand launch.

WSG: You have shortened the name of your law firm, what was the reason to do so?

Dr. Andreas Urban: By streamlining our logo, we intend to further solidify our strong market position and make the revised appearance of the law firm more contemporary and visually appealing in all aspects beginning in 2024. We will increase the visibility of the brand. And it will be easier to spell, especially for foreign languages.

WSG: Have you ever changed the name before? 

Dr. Andreas Urban: Over the past decades, the name of the law firm established by Hans Günter Heuking and Wolfgang Kühn in 1971 has undergone multiple modifications. Name partners Hans-Jochem Lüer and Ralf J. Wojtek were added in the 1990s, but since then, the name Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek has remained a constant on the legal market. But now it is time for a modernized market presence.

WSG: Why did you choose HEUKING?

Dr. Andreas Urban: We have often used only the name HEUKING in spoken language in the past. The shortened brand appearance is already reflected on the law firm’s website and in its email addresses. Now it is time for the new brand. We have consistently provided the most excellent service by giving personal advice in a succinct and straightforward manner. This will now be reflected in the abbreviated name as well.

WSG: Will you also change your corporate design?

Dr. Andreas Urban: We are also gradually adapting our corporate design and modernizing the look and feel. The new appearance of the corporate design and the succinctness and clarity of the logo reflect the firm’s emphasis: it is entrepreneurial, dynamic, and goal oriented. Our claim is: “One name and many experts.”


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