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Hans Hedegaard

Attorney-at-Law, Partner

Henrik Rossing Lønberg

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.


Copenhagen, Denmark


Plesner is recognised as one of the leading law firms in Denmark. The firm covers all areas of commercial law and has a strong focus on legal advice at executive level, complex dispute resolution and large-scale transactions.

The Danish financial newsletter "Oekonomisk Ugebrev" has once again recognised Plesner as market leader in Denmark in 2017 based on ratings from the three prominent international law firm rating agencies Legal 500, Chambers and IFLR 1000.

In 2018 Plesner has been awarded the highest ranking in "Overall Performance" in the recognised Prospera Law Firm Review 2018 - Denmark. In the analysis Plesner is pointed out as "the law firm that clients are most willing to recommend".

Most of the firm's work has an international dimension, and it has non-exclusive close relationships with leading law firms all over the world. It is a lockstep partnership with 39 partners and has a total staff of approximately 430, including approximately 250 fee earners.

Plesner was founded in 1918 and has since then grown continuously through a series of mergers of leading Danish law firms.

Plesner receives the highest ratings from leading rating agencies:

The Lawyer: Plesner has been named "Nordic Law Firm of the Year 2016" as the first Danish law firm ever.

IFLR 1000: "According to peers, in corporate work the firm stands with the very best in the country. Clients praise both the pragmatic advice and high levels of professionalism the team is able to offer and are impressed by the quality of the lawyers involved. One says: 'They have a good understanding of our business, are very responsive and produce high quality work."

Chambers Global: "Plesner is, the only firm, ranked in Band 1 in all practice areas, including Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate/M&A, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, Restructuring/Insolvency and Tax."

Chambers Europe: "A top law firm. We got the best service we could have imagined. It is a firm to go to for important matters."

IFLR 1000: Denmark Law Firm of the Year 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2007 awarded by International Financial Law Review 1000.

Chambers Europe: Law Firm of the Year 2017, 2013 and 2010.

International Tax Review: Denmark Tax Firm of the Year 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2006

Managing Intellectual Property: Denmark IP Firm of the Year 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2010 awarded by Managing Intellectual Property.

Euromoney Legal Media Group: Europe Women in Business Law Award 2016, 2015 , 2014 , 2013 and 2012.

Year this Office was Established: 1918
Lawyers Worldwide: 440


Areas of Practice



Peter  Bang

Peter Bang

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Christian L.  Bardenfleth

Christian L. Bardenfleth

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Daniel  Barry

Daniel Barry

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Mads  Berg

Mads Berg

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, MSc in Business Adm.
Michael Hur  Bertelsen

Michael Hur Bertelsen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Peter-Andreas  Bodilsen

Peter-Andreas Bodilsen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Torben  Bondrop

Torben Bondrop

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Jacob  Borum

Jacob Borum

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Lars  Bunch

Lars Bunch

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Brian  Bundgaard

Brian Bundgaard

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Benjamin  Bunnage

Benjamin Bunnage

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Lasse Esbjerg  Christensen

Lasse Esbjerg Christensen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M., Head of Tax
Niklas Korsgaard  Christensen

Niklas Korsgaard Christensen

Attorney-at-Law, MBA, Managing Partner
Frants  Dalgaard-Knudsen

Frants Dalgaard-Knudsen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, PhD, FCIArb
Emil  Deleuran

Emil Deleuran

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Lasse Stjernholm  Detlevsen

Lasse Stjernholm Detlevsen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Niels Chr.  Ellegaard

Niels Chr. Ellegaard

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Lise Høy  Falsner

Lise Høy Falsner

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Peter  Fogh

Peter Fogh

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Kasper  Frahm

Kasper Frahm

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Micha  Fritzen

Micha Fritzen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Hans Severin  Hansen

Hans Severin Hansen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Jimmy Skjold  Hansen

Jimmy Skjold Hansen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Hans  Hedegaard

Hans Hedegaard

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Anders  Hermansen

Anders Hermansen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Gitte  Holtsø

Gitte Holtsø

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Michael  Hopp

Michael Hopp

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Jef Nymand  Hounsgaard

Jef Nymand Hounsgaard

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Charlotte Hasseriis  Iversen

Charlotte Hasseriis Iversen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Rasmus Mandøe  Jensen

Rasmus Mandøe Jensen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Janus  Jepsen

Janus Jepsen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Emil  Jurcenoks

Emil Jurcenoks

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Tina  Kang

Tina Kang

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Esben  Kjær

Esben Kjær

Attorney-at-law, Partner
Christian Th.  Kjølbye

Christian Th. Kjølbye

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Tom Kári  Kristjánsson

Tom Kári Kristjánsson

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, Head of Tax
Simon  Krogh

Simon Krogh

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Henrik  Kure

Henrik Kure

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Mathias Kjærsgaard  Larsen

Mathias Kjærsgaard Larsen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Christian Karhula  Lauridsen

Christian Karhula Lauridsen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Thomas Holst  Laursen

Thomas Holst Laursen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Henrik  Laursen

Henrik Laursen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Henrik Rossing  Lønberg

Henrik Rossing Lønberg

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Rie Paving  Mortensen

Rie Paving Mortensen

Chief Economist, Partner
Søren Vagner  Nielsen

Søren Vagner Nielsen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Søren Lehmann  Nielsen

Søren Lehmann Nielsen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Jacob  Nygaard

Jacob Nygaard

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Nicolai  Ørsted

Nicolai Ørsted

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, MBA
Anders Endicott  Pedersen

Anders Endicott Pedersen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Thomas  Pitzner-Jørgensen

Thomas Pitzner-Jørgensen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Jacob Ørskov  Rasmussen

Jacob Ørskov Rasmussen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Michala  Roepstorff

Michala Roepstorff

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Sture  Rygaard

Sture Rygaard

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Sarah  Schæffer

Sarah Schæffer

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Peter  Schradieck

Peter Schradieck

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Jakob Echwald  Sevel

Jakob Echwald Sevel

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Jakob  Skafte-Pedersen

Jakob Skafte-Pedersen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, MBA
Lars  Skanvig

Lars Skanvig

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Tina Brøgger  Sørensen

Tina Brøgger Sørensen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Peter E.  Stassen

Peter E. Stassen

Attorney-at-Law, Partner, LL.M.
Jonatan  Strenov

Jonatan Strenov

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Martin Anton  Svarrer

Martin Anton Svarrer

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Kristoffer  Thorborg

Kristoffer Thorborg

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Søren Thyssen  Valerius

Søren Thyssen Valerius

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Mikkel  Vittrup

Mikkel Vittrup

Attorney-at-Law, Partner

Of Counsel

Finn J. Lerno

Finn J. Lerno

Of Counsel


Mette  Hygum Clausen

Mette Hygum Clausen

Attorney-at-Law, Senior Counsel
Inger  Moller-Sorensen

Inger Moller-Sorensen

International Coordinator


EU marks 1 year of war in Ukraine with 10th sanctions package

Over the weekend, the EU announced its 10th sanctions package against Russia as a response to the invasion of Ukraine. The timing of the 10th sanctions package coincides with the anniversary for Russian invasion of Ukraine. The measures implemented in the new sanctions package include, inter alia: Additional sanction listings of 121 individuals and entities. Notably, the additions include the three banks Alfa-Bank, Rosbank and Tinkoff Bank as well as the Dubai-based shipping company "SUN Ship Management (D) Ltd."...

Leases Entered into Before the Construction of a Building did not Constitute a Contract Subject to Construction

In a judgment of 22 April 2021, the European Court of Justice found that a lease contract entered into between an Austrian authority and a real estate company before the construction of the building did not constitute a contractual building contract, as the authority had not had a decisive influence on the design. The authority's requirements thus did not exceed the requirements that a tenant usually places on a building of a similar nature. The ruling is an important contribution to the issue of "tailor-made construction"...

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CBRE European Residential Impact Fund (ERIF) acquires a newly built residential project

Plesner has advised CBRE European Residential Impact Fund (ERIF) in connection with ERIF's acquisition of 108 newly built residential units in Karlslunde, Denmark. Plesner has advised ERIF in connection with ERIF's acquisition of a 8,100 sqm, 108 newly built residential units in Karlslunde, Denmark. Plesner's assistance comprised all aspects of the transaction including structuring, due diligence investigations, preparation and negotiation of transaction documents, and general project management...

Plesner Advises the Reconor Group on Successful Refinancing

Plesner has advised the Reconor Group in connection with a successful refinancing of the Group's existing debt and financing of the Group's strategic acquisition of Sten & Grus Prøvestenen A / S. The new financing is provided in the form of senior lending facilities as well as a super senior revolving credit facility for general corporate purposes. The Reconor Group is a leading Danish environmental company. The Reconor Group's core business includes resource management in the Norrecco business unit and logistics in the City Container business unit. The Reconor Group is a portfolio company of Agilitas Private Equity...

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