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For over 125 years, Quarles & Brady LLP has provided quality legal services to a wide range of industries on a national stage. We've strived to learn our clients' businesses to see the horizons through their eyes. We don't just counsel, but invest in the success of each client, partnering with them to achieve their business goals. This dedication and investment is what sets Quarles & Brady apart: we provide a true partnership, in every sense of the word.

Quarles & Brady is a multidisciplinary AmLaw 200 legal services provider with approximately 520 attorneys practicing at the top of the profession in Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Naples, Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa, Tucson, and Washington, D.C. Our national presence allows us to draw upon a group of highly skilled attorneys from all across the country to ensure the right people are working on our clients' matters. We have extensive experience working with the full industrial gamut, from cutting-edge technology to traditional manufacturing, and we have developed an extensive network of relationships with international legal counsel around the world, allowing us to effectively handle important matters for our clients on a global scale. The firm is led by a diverse team of lawyers and professional staff.

Our clients include major national and multinational corporations, technology companies, educational and research institutions, municipalities and government agencies, charitable organizations, industry executives, and high-net-worth individuals. They are industry leaders in technology, energy, financial services, health care, insurance, pharmaceuticals, real estate, and manufacturing, to name just a few.

Lawyers Worldwide: 520

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Daniel  Ark

Daniel Ark

John  Bannen

John Bannen

Retired Partner
John  Barry

John Barry

David  Bourne

David Bourne

Retired Partner
Keith  Bruett

Keith Bruett

Gerald  Connolly

Gerald Connolly

Retired Partner
Jack  Cook

Jack Cook

Frank  Daily

Frank Daily

Retired Partner
John  Daniels

John Daniels

Retired Partner
Robert  Duffy

Robert Duffy

Julianna  Ebert

Julianna Ebert

Retired Partner
Mary  Fertl

Mary Fertl

Retired Partner
James  Friedman

James Friedman

Retired Partner
Nathan  Fronk

Nathan Fronk

Patrick  Goebel

Patrick Goebel

Retired Partner
Conrad  Goodkind

Conrad Goodkind

Retired Partner
Alex  Gore

Alex Gore

David  Groose

David Groose

Ryan  Haas

Ryan Haas

Kenneth  Hallett

Kenneth Hallett

Retired Partner
Mary Pat  Jacoby

Mary Pat Jacoby

Retired Partner
Mark  Kircher

Mark Kircher

Steve  Kruzel

Steve Kruzel

Brian  Lanser

Brian Lanser

Retired Partner
Fredrick  Lautz

Fredrick Lautz

Retired Partner
Michael  Levey

Michael Levey

National Pro Bono Partner
Marta  Levine

Marta Levine

Retired Partner
John  Lhost

John Lhost

Retired Partner
Lora  LoCoco

Lora LoCoco

Kevin  Long

Kevin Long

George  Marek

George Marek

Quinn  Martin

Quinn Martin

Retired Partner
Eric  Matzke

Eric Matzke

David  Muth

David Muth

David  Olson

David Olson

Retired Partner
Elizabeth  Orelup

Elizabeth Orelup

Retired Partner
Jeff  Peelen

Jeff Peelen

Nancy  Peterson

Nancy Peterson

Retired Partner
Jennifer  Powers

Jennifer Powers

Retired Partner
Robert  Rothacker

Robert Rothacker

Retired Partner
Patrick  Schmidt

Patrick Schmidt

Retired Partner
Sean  Scullen

Sean Scullen

Walter  Skipper

Walter Skipper

Retired Partner
Jeffrey  Spoerk

Jeffrey Spoerk

Retired Partner
Eric  Van Vugt

Eric Van Vugt

Retired Partner
Joe  Wilson

Joe Wilson


Of Counsel

Lowell  Blackham

Lowell Blackham

Of Counsel
Victoria  Cook

Victoria Cook

Senior Counsel
Terri  Flynn

Terri Flynn

Of Counsel
Robyn  Hansen

Robyn Hansen

Of Counsel
Lauren  Harpke

Lauren Harpke

Senior Counsel
Amy  Herzog

Amy Herzog

Of Counsel
John  Hintz

John Hintz

Of Counsel
Lisa  Lyons

Lisa Lyons

Of Counsel
Nicole  Renouard

Nicole Renouard

Senior Counsel
Sara  Scullen

Sara Scullen

Of Counsel
Alexandra  Shortridge

Alexandra Shortridge

Senior Counsel
Jean  Tibbetts

Jean Tibbetts

Senior Counsel
Stephanie  Vavra

Stephanie Vavra

Of Counsel
Rachel  Weiss

Rachel Weiss

Senior Counsel


Kathleen  Alexander

Kathleen Alexander

Immigration Business Analyst
Karen  Alexander

Karen Alexander

CPA, Legal Specialist
Eleina  Arce

Eleina Arce

Katrina  Balasko

Katrina Balasko

Alex  Ballwanz

Alex Ballwanz

Patent Engineer
Tracey  Baxter

Tracey Baxter

Tracy  Berrones

Tracy Berrones

Noah  Blue

Noah Blue

Patent Agent
Melanie  Brunow

Melanie Brunow

Paige  Dulai

Paige Dulai

Amanda  Eckermann, Ph.D.

Amanda Eckermann, Ph.D.

Patent Scientist
Christopher  Emerson

Christopher Emerson

David  Fleisher

David Fleisher

Sara  Haas

Sara Haas

Nancy  Hales

Nancy Hales

Jordan  Heilman

Jordan Heilman

Peggy  Hintz

Peggy Hintz

John  Jansky

John Jansky

Patent Agent
Barbara  Juran

Barbara Juran

Kateri  Knous

Kateri Knous

Abigail  Ksioszk

Abigail Ksioszk

Patent Engineer
Margie  Kupsik

Margie Kupsik

Chaerim  Lee

Chaerim Lee

Patent Engineer
Theodore  Lester

Theodore Lester

Patent Agent
Amber  Majnik, Ph.D.

Amber Majnik, Ph.D.

Patent Scientist
Alena  Martinez

Alena Martinez

Karen  Mazin

Karen Mazin

Taylor  O'Day

Taylor O'Day

Carly  Paveglio

Carly Paveglio

Patent Engineer
Jere  Polmatier

Jere Polmatier

Debra  Pope

Debra Pope

Richard  Raether

Richard Raether

Caleb  Rife

Caleb Rife

Patent Engineer
Jennifer  Roethe

Jennifer Roethe

Jeff  Sazama

Jeff Sazama

Patent Agent
Suzanne  Schwartz

Suzanne Schwartz

Office Administrator
Amanda  White

Amanda White

Sara  Wright

Sara Wright

Laura  Yanow

Laura Yanow



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On December 2, 2022, President Biden signed the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act (“Marijuana Research Act” or “Act”) into law. The Act aims to help facilitate research on marijuana, directs the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to follow new procedures to register practitioners to conduct marijuana research, and improves the supply of marijuana for research...

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